Should you apply for the Edge Program? Yes, it’s challenging, but also very rewarding. We measure the following:

  • CURIOUSITY = (Exploration, Research, Questioning)
  • CREATIVITY = (360 View, 3D Conceptualization, Critical Thinking)
  • CONTEXTUALIZATION OF UNDERSTANDING = (Mindfulness, Empathy, & Localization),
  • COLLABORATIVE = (Problem-Solving, Learning How to Learn, & Teamwork)
  • DRIVEN = (Self-Management, Planning, & Technology Integration)

CONTEXTUALIZATION, CREATIVITY, & CURIOSITY: 45% Demonstrable Notional Learning Time spent in localization & practical application projects outside core subject matter.

COLLABORATIVE: 30% Demonstrable Notional Learning Time spent in measured research projects

DRIVEN: 50 minimum total hours of community service completed

SAT SCORES UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAM THROUGH EDGE: 1500-1570 middle 50% range SAT scores for accepted students

DEMOGRAPHICS: 65% public high school target